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Smart Solids Control and Separation Equipment

Not only product focused, we are also a service driven company.
Pre-Sale Service  
The most appropriate solution
1. You can tell us the equipment or service you need in a variety of ways. We have professional sales staff and technical staff to communicate with you, according to your needs, recommend the appropriate product model, provide relevant product performance, technical parameters and so on.
2. BZ solids control technicians can design technical solutions according to your requirements, visit your company, communicate with you face to face, and provide customers with appropriate solutions.

Sale Service
The most perfect service system
1. Standardized products have a mature production process, according to the contract agreed to deliver on time to the place agreed in the contract.
2. For non-standardized equipment orders, we will deploy every detail to ensure the normal production of the equipment.
BZ solids control only makes the best quality equipment.we will complete the assembly and debugging according to your technical requirements.

After-Sale Service

The fastest possible feedback and response
1. After sales staff will ask about the use of the equipment, understand the operation of the equipment, and provide after sales service and technical support within a month.
BZ solids control can supply you with the accessories you need in a timely manner, because BZ has warehouses and service agencies to guarantee the inventory of conventional standard accessories.