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Smart Solids Control and Separation Equipment

Sludge Separation System

BZ Solids Control sludge separation system is mainly composed of four parts: shale shaker, desander or desliter, centrifugal pump and mud tank. The shale shaker is equipped with coarse screen and fine screen. The coarse screen can remove the slag with larger particles in the mud, and the fine screen on desander or desliter and shale shaker can remove the sand with smaller particles. 
The closed-circuit mud circulation purification mode and low slag moisture content are conducive to reducing environmental pollution. BZ Sludge separation system is specially developed and designed for mud purification of mud water balance, piling, shield and other construction projects.
The sludge separation equipment accessories manufactured by BZ solids control have good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, long service life and low failure rate, which can be applied to various adverse working conditions.
BZMS Sludge Separation System
Model BZMS-50D BZMS-120D BZMS-240D
Handing capacity ≤50㎥/h ≤120㎥/h ≤240㎥/h
Separation particle 15μm 40μm 40μm

High match mud recovery system has the following series
The sludge separation system produced by BZ Solids Control has a wide range of applications: HDD and trenchless engineering, shield engineering, hydropower and urban construction engineering, large-caliber vertical shaft and pile foundation engineering.