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Mud Gas Separator

Mud gas separator is a special equipment to handle the invaded gas in drilling fluid. When drilling mud is gas invaded, the proportion of its weight and viscosity have a greater deviation which can not meet the requirements of drilling demand. In some dangerous situation, it may lead to the accident of well kick or blowout.
Combination of mud gas separator and flare ignition device can effectively separate invaded gas ≥ Φ3mm. Mud gas separator is widely used in oil & gas drilling industry. It is a key safety equipment in drilling industry. 


BZYQ Mud Gas Separator Specification
Model BZYQ800 BZYQ1000 BZYQ1200
Capacity 200-260m³/h 240-300m³/h 280-360m³/h
Tank Diameter 800mm 1000mm 1200mm
Inlet 5inch
Outlet 10inch
Ventline 8inch 10inch
Weight 1650kg 2135kg 2750kg
Dimension 1900×1900×5700mm 2000×2000×5860mm 2200×2200×6634mm

.         Efficiently separate and discharge enormous free gas in drilling fluids, including poisonous gas like H2S
·         Grinding, sand blasting and 3 layers of painting, high anti-rust performance
.         High quality materials adopted, no wearing parts, low maintance
.         Compact structure, less space needed, easy to transport