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Screw Pump

Screw pump is usually used to feed centrifuge. Including screw shaft (rotor) and screw shaft bushing (stator). By a special geometry shape of the this two parts, they form pressurize capacity separately. In a result, fluid flows along with shaft, inner flow speed is slow, capacity remains and pressure is steady, no vortex and agitating generated.

BZ screw pump's flow rate can be adjusted, a wide range of different type and viscosity  liquid can be transported.

Screw pump application range: PAM, PAC dosing, all kinds of sludge and water transport, filter press, centrifuge feed pump, transmission oil, oil-water mixture, all kinds of thick starch, edible oil, honey, syrup, a variety of food transportation, medicine, daily chemical industry such as viscous slurry, emulsion, soft paste material conveying, lime, lime, coal water slurry, etc.

BZYZ Submersible Slurry Pump Specification
Model Capacity Lift Motor Speed Inlet Outlet EX Standard Weight Dimension
BZG10-040 10m³/h 0.3Mpa 4kw 244RPM DN80 DN80 ExdIIBt4/IECEX/  A-TEX 245kg 2245x320x550mm
BZG20-055 20m³/h 5.5kw 210RPM 320kg 2450x340x562mm
BZG30-075 30m³/h 7.5kw 258RPM DN100 DN100 385kg 2761x370x600mm
BZG40-110 40m³/h 11kw 252RPM 450kg 3270x370x665mm
BZG50-110 50m³/h 273RPM DN125 DN125 608kg 3790x400x782mm
BZG60-150 60m³/h 15kw 225RPM 649kg 3320x550x740mm
BZG70-220 70m³/h 22kw 230RPM DN150 DN150 875kg 3740x420x785mm
BZG80-220 80m³/h 283RPM 875kg 3740x420x785mm
BZG90-220 90m³/h 30kw 215RPM 910kg 3850x440x785mm

·         A wide range of different type and viscosity  liquid can be transported, including high viscosity and hard suspension of waste slurry
.         Rotation speed can be adjusted, to meet different materials pumping demand
.         High suctoin and discharge ability
.         Even continuous flow, small vibration, low noise

·         Long operational life with reliable performance.