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Composite Material replacement Shaker Screen

Composite Material replacement Shaker Screen

Composite Material replacement Shaker Screen is composed of injection molding frame and 2-3 layers of SS304 or SS316 stainless steel mesh directly bonded, no degummed layer, integral molding, solid structure.
The main frame of the screen mesh used in the composite frame mesh is a composite material with high strength plastic and glass combined with high tensile strength steel bar.The selected materials are disposable new plastic, high temperature up to 140℃ above, good toughness, strong corrosion resistance, so as to improve the seismic capacity and service life of the screen.
The mesh number of each layer of the composite frame screen is different, the accurate and reasonable collocation in the case of improving the permeability of the screen mud to make the separation effect more detailed, to solve the "paste screen", "run" phenomenon.

Mesh Dimension Adaptation 
20-325 585×1165mm Mongoose
20-325 622×655mm SMD3
20-325 635×1250mm KING COBRA
20-325 737×1067mm FSI 5000
20-325 712×1180mm D380

API Size  Parameters
API Number D 100 Separation(Micron) API Number D 100 Separation(Micron)
API 20 >780.0 TO 925.0 API 100 >137.5 TO 165.0
API 30 >550.0 TO 655.0 API 120 >116.5 TO 137.5
API 35 >462.0 TO 550.0 API 140 >98.0 TO 116.5
API 40 >390.0 TO 462..0 API 170 >82.5 TO 98.0
API 50 >275.0 TO 390.0 API 200 >69.0 TO 82.5
API 60 >213.0 TO 275.0 API 230 >58.0 TO 69.0
API 70 >196.0 TO 213.0 API 270 >49.0 TO 58.0
API 80 >165.0 TO 196.0 API 320 >41.5 TO 49.0

BZ solids control has rich production experience and mature process, according to the customer's different requirements to produce a variety of specifications of Composite Material replacement Shaker Screen.