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Vacuum Solids Convey Pump

BZ vacuum solids convey pump is a kind of high load strong suction conveyor,also known as negative pressure solid conveyor or vacuum slurry pump.
Equipped with efficient venturi device under the action of strong turbulence which can produce high vacuum suction. It can transport efficiently pure solid materials(sand,gravel,etc.) and other high density,high viscosity materials.
Unique design allows it to work in most tough environment,with low maintenance rate. No wear and tear parts, low maintenance cost .Compact structure,easy to transport and install. 


BZVP Vacuum Solids Convey Pump Specification

Model BZVP-40 BZVP-20
Max Capacity 40m³/h 20m³/h
Inlet/Outlet Size 4 "(114mm) 3 "(89mm)
Vacuum Degree 85Kpa/25 inch HG(Mercury Column)
Max Suction Distance 50m
Max Discharge Distance 1000m 500m
Max Solids Content 100%
Max Solids Size 75mm 50mm
Pressure Request 550Kpa-785Kpa (80-114PSI) 550Kpa-690Kpa (80-100PSI)
Air Demand 17m³/min  8m³/min
Dimension 1578×1440×2030mm 1200×800×1470mm
Weight 1200kg 360kg


·         Recovery and treatment of drilling cuttings, mud and waste slurry
·         Clean mud pit, bottom of mud tank and bilge of transport vessel
·         Recovery and treatment of hazardous waste
·         Treatment of oily sludge
·         Material transportation of bulk tanks and silos
·         Transportation of sand, fine sand and fracturing sand, powdery materials, animal excrement, etc.

.        25”Hg vacuum degree suction & discharge ability, can suck slurry containing 50mm+ or 75mm+ solids from 50m+ away and deliver the same up to 1000m+
.        Pump any materials, liquid, solids&liquid mixture, powder, even 100% solids
.        100% air operated, could be used safely at IECex zones 
.        Meeting European required anti-explosion directive, machinery directive and pressure vessal directive
No wear and tear parts, low maintenance cost
Compact structure,easy to transport and install