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Mud Agitator

Mud agitator is also called mud tank agitator, be widely used in solids control system to agitate drilling mud. It is installated on slurry storage tanks or mud tanks to prevent drilling fluid solid particles deposited. Mud agitator is a key solids control equipment to keep the performance of drilling fluid. BZ mud agitator adopts turbo and worm gear speed reducer, has the advantage of large torque transmission and steady performance. 
BZJBQ Mud Agitator Specification
Model Motor Speed Impeller Impeller Qty(pcs) Ratio EX Standard Weight Dimension
BZJBQ030D 3kw 60/72RPM(50HZ/60HZ) 650mm 1 25:1 ExdIIBt4/IECEX/ A-TEX 150kg 715x560x470mm
BZJBQ055D 5.5kw 850mm 1 280kg 890x700x600mm
BZJBQ075D 7.5kw 950mm 1 285kg 980x750x605mm
BZJBQ075S 800mm 2 295kg
BZJBQ110D 11kw 1050mm 1 400kg 1130x840x650mm
BZJBQ110S 850mm 2 420kg
BZJBQ150D 15kw 1100mm 1 425kg 1160x840x650mm
BZJBQ150S 950mm 2 440kg
BZJBQ185S 18.5kw 1050mm 2 750kg 1270x1000x730mm
BZJBQ220S 22kw 1100mm 2 820kg 1270x1000x730mm

·         Turbo and worm gear speed reducer, large torque transmission and steady performance
·         Explosion-proof electrical motor and speed reducer matching, excellent heat exchange performance
·         Galvanizing treatment on  shaft and impeller, excellent anti-rust performance
·         High strength shaft and impeller
·         Compact structure, small footprint
.         Length of shaft and diameter of impeller can be customized