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Shear Pump

Shear pump is used to effectively mix and hydrate materials added into drilling fluid, like polymers and caly. With large capacity, high lift, and long service life, shear pump can speed up dilution and hydration of polymers, obtaining high property drilling mud, saving polymers and caly up to 15%. It is an ideal solids control equipment to get high performance drilling mud. 

BZ solids control shear pump has rapid hydration provides high shear force, increasing hydration efficiency of polymer or clay in the drilling fluid. It also reduces the mud cake and fluid loss , reduce drilling fluid shear rate , improve the gel strength , so as to achieve advanced drilling fluid. 

BZJQB Shear Pump Specification
Model BZJQB6X5-37 BZJQB6X5-55
Flow 100m³/h 155m³/h
Lift 28m 32m
Motor 37kw 55kw
Speed 1900RPM 2280RPM
EX Standard ExdIIBt4/IECEX/A-TEX
Weight 800kg 980kg
Dimension 1050×1000×1260mm 1150×1100×1500mm
.       Unique impeller and shear plate design, shearing efficiency>95%. Stainless steel made shearing plate for a long service life
·       Greatly improved bentonite particles hydration degree , reduces the bentonite need by 15%
·       Mechanical seal technology for reliable operation and long service life
.       The oil seal adopts imported fluorine gum oil seal with good cooling property, for reliable operation