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Smart Solids Control and Separation Equipment

Chemical Dosing Equipment

Chemical dosing equipment is mainly used for mixing of flocculation, coagulation or de-emulsifier. It works together with dewatering centrifuge to separate the ultra-fine solids from the mud or waste water, to get clean water for industry applications; or support the separation of waste sludge.


BZJY Chemical Dosing Equipment Specification

Model Capacity Hopper Volume Mud Agitator Tank Material Dimension Weight
BZJY-1500 1500L/H 55L 0.75kwx3 SS304不锈钢 2300×1100×2000mm 450kg
BZJY-2000 2000L/H 110L 0.75kwx3 2650×1250×2250mm 510kg
BZJY-2500 2500L/H 110L 0.75kwx3 3000×1250×2250mm 670kg