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BZ Vacuum solids convey pump is using for oil tank cleaning

Recently, BZVP-40 series vacuum solids convey pump independently developed and manufactured by BZ Solids Control was sent to the construction site of a domestic tank cleaning project.
BZVP-40 vacuum solids convey pump uses a Venturi device to generate a vacuum of up to 25 inches of mercury under strong airflow conditions to suck materials, which is suitable for high-density material transportation.
BZ solids control Vacuum solids convey pump does not need power supply, it is purely pneumatically controlled, and can switch freely between automatic and manual switches.  Under the atmospheric pressure of 550Kpa-785Kpa, the maximum conveying capacity can reach 40m³/h, and it can suck 100% solid phase materials within 50 meters.  The maximum discharge distance can reach 1000 meters.

The scope of application of BZ vacuum solids convey pump: waste mud and drilling cuttings, mud and tailing mud, mud pit cleaning, hazardous solid and liquid waste recovery, oil sludge, tank bottom cleaning, bilge cleaning of transport ships, river sludge,  Material transportation of bulk tanks and silos, transportation of sand, fine sand and fracturing sand, powdered materials, animal manure, etc.

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