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BZ vacuum suction shale shaker device sent to waste disposal site

BZ vacuum suction shale shaker device customized for customer has been designed and produced, It passed  the tests and was sent to waste disposal site.
The main function of BZ vacuum suction shale shaker device is to separate the drilling cuttings and other wastes for the secondary solid-liquid separate treatment, so as to make the discharged solid cuttings more drier and the liquid is recycled
BZ vacuum suction shale shaker device is a device with a suction pan installed under the last screen of shale shakers. A suction hose is connected with vacuum device. Compressed air from air compressor is required to create vacuum suction on the last screen, maximizing the volume of recovered drilling fluids and geting dryer cuttings. Saving money on drilling fluid and drilling waste management.
Process: 1: Secondary screening and vacuum adsorption of cuttings
 2: The sifted liquid and the vacuum adsorbed liquid are transported  to the mud purification system for recycling by pump.
 3: The sifted solids are transported by the conveyance device and treated innocuously.
·         Widely be applicated on OBM, SBM, and WBM treatment. Recovering more drilling fluid and reducing drilling waste
.         Be suitable to treat high viscosity drilling fluid, drilling waste and oil sludge

·         Both onshore and offshore application
·         Less foot print and easy installation without welding
·         Finer shaker screen can be used to improve solids control efficiency
.         One vacuum device can be connectted with 3 shale shakers mostly
·         Suction and discharge time is adjustable according to different drilling conditions